Who We Are

Miss & Mr. Grand Sea is an annual international beauty contest licensed, created and organised by the company MMSEA BG Ltd. Miss & Mr. Grand Sea is amongst the largest beauty pageants in the world. The competition was founded in 1994 by a former top model of Colombia as the original name of the contest "Miss and Mr. Pacific Universe ".

In 1998, "Miss and Mr. Pacific Universe", changed its name to "Miss and Mister Sea" and moved its headquarters from Colombia to Peru.

At the end of 2012 a Bulgarian delegation headed by Mr. Chavdar Arsov had an unexpected breakthrough in the contest stealing several first places. After this our delegation filed an application to host the competition. In early 2013 a delegation again led by Mr. Chavdar Arsov won titles in the "Miss and Mister" competition.

In mid-2013, Mr. Arsov declared that MMSEA BG Ltd. alone will continue the history of the competition. In 2014 "Miss and Mister Sea Universe" changed its name to Miss & Mr. Grand Sea and moved its headquarters from Peru to the historical city of Sofia, Bulgaria.

What We Do

Miss & Mr. Grand Sea Organization empowers participant to develop the confidence they need to achieve their personal best. A confident person has the power to make real change, starting in their local community with the potential to reach a global audience.

We encourage every participant to get out of their comfort zone, be themselves, and continue to define what it means to be Confident.

What makes us stand out from the crowd?

The contestants and titleholders that have gone through the Miss & Mr. Grand Sea system are able to cultivate their personal career goals, advocate for humanitarian issues and be a voice to affect positive change in the world. These women are forward thinking and motivated to not just talk about this change, but to initiate it. They have gone on to high-profile careers in government, business, finance, broadcasting, as well as film and television.

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