Grand Finale

MMGS Asia to be set on February 2019

Final venue being Sunway Resort and Spa. as our hotel and venue partner, they have the variety of location and facilities in which compliments this event extremely well

With one evening of gala dinner with the contestant as well as sponsors and funders of the event . also with entertainment to showcase of all the participating countries

and the finale evening where it all begins of the final showdown to select who will be Miss and Mr Grand Sea World Asia


What Awaits Winners?

👸🏻🤴🏽Crowned Titles of Miss and Mr Grand Sea Asia 2019

👑 Crowned Titles of Miss and Mr Teen Grand Sea Asia 2019

💰Cash Prize for Top 3 winners

🎥Special Editorial write-up with Partner

💢Magazine interview for Crowned winners

📷Special Photoshoot for Crowned Winners

🖌Agencies contract per winner with the following agencies

🖋1 year contract MMSEGB

🖋1 year contract D’la Valentina

👠Sponsors’ Products and Services

✈3 Days 2 Nights Holiday in Malaysia Destinations

🏆Exclusive Malaysia-design Trophies made from Malaysian Pewter

🎖Top 10 contestants will qualify for Miss and Mr Grand Sea World 2019