MMSEABG Former Title Holder 2015

The most beautiful, according to the jury, a Bulgarian Mina Popova, who won the coveted crown “Miss Grand Sea ’15”. First, runner-up became Miss Grand Sea Cyprus ’15 – Kalia Dragataki and third place was shared by representatives of Kosovo – Blerta Doberlluka and Croatia – Renata Marich.

Mr. Grand Sea’15”, became attractive representative of Bangladesh – Sam Choudhury. Martin Atanasov – Mr.Grand Sea Bulgaria and Viktor Bijelovich – Mr. Grand Sea Montenegro shared the prestigious second place. Third place went to Mr. Grand Sea Serbia – Radule Vucetic.

Fiery Brazilian Rafaela Amaral – “Miss Teen Grand Sea ’15”, first runner-up became the representative of Bulgaria – Margret Averin and third place was awarded representative of Albania – Xheni Xhenslia.

Gordi Radulovich – “Mr. Teen Grand Sea Serbia ’15” was elected for winner – Mr. Teen Grand Sea ’15.         The first runner-up became Mr. Teen Grand Sea Kosovo – Rilind Suka and in third place was the representative of Nigeria – Stephen Nechi – “Mr. Teen Grand Sea Nigeria ’15”.

Dimana Ivanova – “Miss Child Grand Sea Bulgaria ’15” took the crown among the smallest miss. Representative of Albania – Medina Shijaku – “Miss Child Grand Sea Albania ’15” , became the first runner-upand third place was won by the representative of Kosovo – Gloria Andoni – “Miss Child Grand Sea Kosovo ’15”.

Boys winner was Milot Shater – “Mr. Child Grand Sea Kosovo ’15”.

Miss Grand Sea Hungary ’15” – Beatrix Acs, took the prize for best national costume and in the men with the title of best suit adorned “Mr. Grand Sea Nigeria ’15” – Kelly O. Dowd.

In Category “petite” with prizes were awarded “Miss Grand Sea Syria ’15” – Suraya Sultan and “Mr. Grand Sea Philippines ’15” – Michael Lumibao.

With prizes in the category “Miss & Mr. Grand Sea Europe ’15”, were distinguished representative of Luxembourg – Lauranne Mertens and the representative of Bulgaria – Martin Atanasov.

With titles “Miss & Mr. Grand Sea – Best Talent ’15”, were awarded to “Miss Grand Sea Cyprus ’15” – Kalia Dragataki and “Mr. Grand Sea Macedonia ’15” – Martin Danchev.